On special occasions my mother made many desserts. But there was only one that stood out to me the most, and that would be banana pudding! Since I already loved bananas, vanilla wafer cookies and pudding was just a perfect match. There was a moment I grew older living away from my mom, I decided to give her a call to give me her banana pudding recipe. Every since then I’ve been enhancing the ingredients and giving it my own touch. Then one day with a load of confidence I decided to introduce my dessert to the world!

With banana pudding only having one version I became bored with that idea. So I got creative with the preparation and started to gourmet the banana pudding. Our signature is Toffee Crunch pudding, a hand crafted butter toffee made by us since I loved the idea of a crunch using Toffee in our recipe would be awesome! Also adding other flavors like salted caramel also made by us, strawberry Oreo and many more! Quality is everything to us so we choose to cook our pudding recipe and bake our own vanilla wafer cookies with love and passion!

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